The Cottonwood Hotel

Omaha, Nebraska
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Bringing the Roaring ‘20s back to life at the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel in Omaha required a certain attention to detail and collaboration to maintain the hotel’s historical integrity while bringing it into the modern era.

At the request of the client, LS Group’s lighting design was inspired by the movie Midnight in Paris, discreetly transitioning guests from cool, modern tones to a warm glow that evokes 1920s nostalgia. The desire effect was achieved by choosing specific color temperatures and light levels for each space based on its intended use. The journey starts in present-day, as guests check into the lobby, which uses the coolest color. As guests explore the hotel, they are gradually transported back in time until they reach the warmest room, The Cottonwood Room, which features the hotel’s namesake tree strikingly lit as an anchor for the bar area.

Interior Designer

DLR Group

Lead Designer/Architect

Leo A Daly


Clarity Development Companies

GreenSlate Development


Draper White Photography

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Using a strategic mix of recessed downlights, chandeliers, tape lights and track lighting, the rooms were filled with light to highlight specific architectural features or artwork in key areas. The entry sequence features seemingly simple fixtures that emit light in a striking starburst pattern onto the ceiling. In the lobby leading to the front desk, a custom lighting piece creates a stunning focal point, which spans from beam to beam using a series of glowing orbs.

Throughout the hotel, lighting controls were installed to operate autonomously and change levels throughout the day depending on the season. Ultimately, the lighting design seamlessly integrates into the architecture while markedly enhancing the guest experience.

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