Park City Residence

Park City, Utah
Park City Residence Rendering Rear Overall Exterior
Park City Residence Rendering Exterior Fly Over
Park City Residence Rendering Exterior Rear Elevation

Nestled in the hills outside Park City, Utah is a beautiful residence that pays homage to its surroundings and provides a one-of-a-kind view inside and out. LS Group is working on an inspired lighting design for both the interior and exterior of the home.

Taking their cues from the breathtaking natural scenery, LS Group’s concept works with the natural light that washes over most of the home’s interior thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. Working in tandem with the interior designer, the team has been able to incorporate unique lighting details that elevate the experience throughout the home and make the ambiance even more unique. These features include integrated light sensors in the restrooms, step lights on bunkbeds and reveal lights in the ceilings that wash down the walls to create a magical, subtle glow.

Outside, the LS Group team employed subtle exterior techniques to preserve the night sky while still lighting the way. The home’s varied rooflines create opportunities for creative lighting applications to highlight angles and plane changes.


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Park City Residence Rendering Exterior Entry Perspective
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