The Curtis Hotel

Denver, Colorado
The Curtis Pool
The Curtis Drink Cart
The Curtis Starburst

The hotel lobby of The Curtis in Downtown Denver was the subject of an incredibly playful and nostalgic makeover. Through abstract installations, natural materials, and vibrant colors, guests are invited to embrace their inner child and marvel in the many seasons of “Colorful Colorado”. Settle in alongside the RV camper before playing poolside games…but sorry, “No Skinny Dipping”. Enjoy the sunshine on the tire swing, as you waft in the smell of homemade cookies from the Easy-Bake Oven. Grab a special treat at the snack cart and enjoy an evening under the stars at the drive-in.

The sensual experiences created as guests navigate the lobby serve to conjure up memories from the past while enticing them to create new memories by exploring Colorado’s love for the great outdoors. With all of the whimsy and wonderment created by the interior design elements, the lighting wished to remain uncomplicated and supportive. Black track lighting disappears into the black ceiling, enabling quiet and focused illumination to provide the perfect emphasis for each experience. Surface mounted linear light tubes create a “sunburst” backdrop for that flawless social media moment, while strand lighting creates a “starry” night sky at the drive-in. Integrated lighting details entice guests to create a sweet experience at the candy shop, make a pit stop at the AOL business center, or enjoy a dip in the pool.

Interior Designer

DLR Group


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel


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The Curtis Detail Drive In Sign The Curtis Detail Market The Curtis Detail Skinny Dip Sign