The Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market

Fort Collins, Colorado
Emporium Dining

The Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market is set inside of The Elizabeth Hotel in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Accessible from the street, this classy cool establishment offers an unexpected and locally sourced menu paired alongside vintage wines and vintage vibes that appeals to both locals and hotel guests alike. The busy and energetic kitchen also boasts a fresh assortment of market takeaways that are sensually distinctive and familiar.

The Emporium’s distressed and handcrafted materials make you wonder just how long the building has been standing there. The rustic interior design details lent itself to unique lighting solutions. Minimal downlighting helped to enhance the intended look and feel; accent downlights were placed strategically at art and critical horizontal task locations. A dual purpose focal and wayfinding element is produced using a bare bulb marquee lighting approach, which complements the hotel’s Magic Rat venue.


Sage Hospitality


4240 Architecture


Dash Design


Andrew Bordwin Studio, Inc

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