Lone Tree, Colorado
Sierra Bar
Sierra Dining

This gem of a restaurant, with its glowing interior and striking exterior, catches one’s eye from off in the distance. Located just off a major highway, in an area where fine dining is sought after, Sierra draws attention from passersby and neighborhood residents who quickly become regulars.

Our team was tasked with the challenge of creating a scaled back, intimate, and memorable lighting design that ties together the client’s inspiration for international décor, a hybrid menu of fine and familiar cuisine, and impressive architecture. For a restaurant of this caliber, we kept the lighting simple with a few spectacular and unforgettable moments peppered throughout.

Beam mounted track lighting with precise aiming and easy adaptability is functional and flexible and produces a variety of lighting effects from from soft and subtle to moody and intimate. The track lighting becomes a part of the architecture, complementing the raw material aesthetic.

The customer experience is enhanced by additional layering of light. Decorative sconces cultivate a friendly facial glow at table level while low level lighting is thoughtfully located at stair sections and integrated into banquette ends enabling safe passage for patrons and employees.

Integrated linear LED lighting details at the bar provide functional back bar task light, uplight and illuminate liquor bottles floating overhead, and frame the curvature of the wooden bar counter while playfully grazing the brick underneath.


Brinkerhoff Hospitality




Koerbel Photography

Sierra Exterior 1 Sierra Bar 2