The Committee Chop

Omaha, Nebraska
Committee Chop 1
Committee Chop 2

A slight departure from the historical character of the rest of the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel in Omaha, the highly sought-after Committee Chop steakhouse boasts a distinctive modern and relaxed feel. Unrestricted by historic architectural features, LS Group was able to incorporate multiple layers of light to achieve a perfectly balanced environment that enhances the chef-driven experience.

Interior Designer

DLR Group

Lead Designer/Architect

Leo A Daly


Clarity Development Companies

GreenSlate Development


Draper White Photography

Indirect uplighting illuminates key interior design features along the walls and in the booths, providing visual interest while complementing the recessed lights and decorative fixtures that add fill light throughout the restaurant.

Committee Chop 3

To create the desire lighting effect in the central portion, our team worked with a manufacturer to create a custom side-bending direct view tape light that punctuates the ceiling above. Manufacturing a single tape light that could run the length of the room wasn’t possible, so careful coordination with the general contractor and interiors team was required to incorporate multiple points of power that could accommodate several light sources along the path.

Committee Chop 4